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[tag] begin read [/tag] Sounds of Silence Am Capo 3 Am Hello darkness my old G friend, I've come to talk with you Am again. Because a vision F softly C creeping Left it's seed while I F was C sleeping, And the F vision that was planted in my C brain Still Am [] remains C Within the G sounds of Am silence. Am In restless dreams I walked G alone, Narrow streets of cobble Am stone. 'Neath the halo of a F street C lamp, I turned my collar to the F cold and C damp, When my F eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon C light split the Am night C And touched the G sounds of Am silence. Am And in the naked light I G saw Ten thousand people, maybe Am more. People talking F without C speaking, People C hearing F without C listening, People writing F songs that voices never C shared, And no one Am dared C Disturb the G sounds of Am silence. Am Fools! said I, you do not G know, Silence like a cancer Am grows. Hear my words that I F might teach C you, Take my C arms that I F might reach C you. " But my F words like silent raindrops C fell. . . Am C And echoed in the G wells of Am silence. Am And the people bowed and G prayed To the neon gods they Am made. And the sign flashed out F its C warning, In the C words that it F was C forming, And the sign said , The F words of the prophets are written on the subway C walls And tenement Am halls. " C And whispered in G the sounds of Am silence. [tag] end read [/tag]

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