Skyway Avenue (We The Kings)

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SKYWAY AVENUE C G/D D (by: We The Kings)

C She said let’s change our luck G This night is D all we’ve got
Drive fast until we crash G D This dead end life
Sweet dreams that won’t come true I leave it all for you
Brick walls are closing in Let’s make A run tonight

Br{ Bm E Blinded Cadd9 By the D light
Bm E Hold you through forever Won’t Cadd9 let you D9 go

Ch{ ‘Cause if you G jump I D will jump Em too We will C fall together
G From the D building’s Em ledge Never C looking back
At G what We’ve D done We’ll Em say It was C love
‘Cause A9 I would die for C you D On Skyway Avenue

C She said don’t change your mind G Let’s leave this D town behind
We’ll race right off the cliff They will remember this
It all got so mundane With you I’m back again
Just take me by the hand We’re close To the edge



Alt{ Em Where are your guts to Cadd9 fly
Soaring G through Through the D night
Em And if you take that last step I’ll follow Cadd9 you
Leave the G edge And we’ll fly We’re finally D alive

Instr{ Verse chords

A9 So what’s left to C prove
We have D9 made it G through
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